Brittany Van Horne

is an Emmy-nominated digital gal and comedy writer.


Brittany grew up in Cleveland, Ohio where she learned manners and how to drive a car in the snow.

After graduating from college with a degree in Film, Television, and Interactive Media, she worked at a production company as an producer/editor before moving to New York to work on Full Frontal with Samantha Bee and eventually earning an Emmy nomination as an associate digital producer. From there, she moved on to Los Angeles, where she currently works as the social media editor & producer for Maverick.

In her spare time, she writes satire and tweets too much. 

Brittany is a big ol' comedy nerd and would love to talk your ear off about it or work with you. Email: hello@brittanyvanhorne.com

Brittany is currently seeking representation. Know someone? Are someone? Get in touch!